20 years in the making



Get to know the Man and Avatar behind the movement, his life, his Journey, and what his plans are for Virtual Reality.

“My Wish was simple, I loved playing Computer games and I wished the Gold that I earned could be real.”

In 1994 I was a starving filmmaker writing a screenplay. At night unable to afford to go out, I began playing Tele-Arena a multiplayer role-playing game on a BBS, but I was running up a long distance phone bill to NY in the process. I wished the virtual gold I was accumulating in the game was real. I knew the internet was around the corner and I saw a glimpse of the future, millions upon millions of people connected and Roleplaying in online worlds. I reflected how every time I lost a life playing an arcade game I would happily pay another quarter to start over, it was easy to imagine that with millions of people playing online around the world it would soon amount to a gigantic pile of quarters, but what if each quarter didn’t all go to the maker of the game, but half of it was turned into virtual gold, that players could earn and cash out if they chose?
It was clear to me that a vast treasury would be built if every time someone paid for another life in a game, half of the money was put aside to underwrite the real cash virtual economy.
That was the day NEVERDIE was born in my mind. The vision haunted me and I kept searching for a way to make it a reality.

In 1995 I partnered with Sean Ferrell the developer of Tele-arena to turn his game into a Real Cash MMO, we did manage to sell the game, but we were too far ahead of our time to convince investors that a real cash economy was the future.

Over the next decade I looked for other ways to make it a reality and in 2000 I even wrote a fictional Screenplay called Role-Player about NEVERDIE a World Champion Online Gamer. As I was trying to get the movie financed, I heard about MindArk a company in Sweden that was developing a Real Cash economy based MMO called Project Entropia. I quickly signed up for Beta and named my avatar Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs, over the next decade with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, all my Virtual Dreams came true!

I feel I have lived the American Dream in Virtual Reality and I want everyone else to have the same opportunity.

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