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President of Virtual Reality discovers AmeVRica!

http://thesurge.com/stories/first-president-virtual-reality-can-help-earn-money-like One of Jacobs’ more audacious ideas is a new world in progress called AmeVRica. While a domain name and Facebook page exist for AmeVRica, Jacobs told me he has not yet officially announced his new project. What sets AmeVRica apart isn’t as much its use of virtual reality as the jobs Jacobs plans to…

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Mindark announces Teleporter Deeds a No Go in Entropia Universe!

Mindark the Developer of Entropoa Universe officially announced today that the Privatization of the Teleporter System will not go ahead in Entropia Universe. Clarification regarding Teleporter fee The MindArk management team has reviewed the proposal made by the President of Virtual Reality concerning teleporter fees, and has determined that such a system does not complement…

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Venture Beat article on President of Virtual Reality

If you’ve ever read Ready Player One, this might sound familiar. Jon “Neverdie” Jacobs, an actor and entrepreneur who once bought a virtual asteroid for $100,000 in the online game Entropia Universe, claims that the emerging virtual reality market can create 3 million jobs. Jacobs claims he’s the “President of Virtual Reality,” a position he…

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