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Jon “Neverdie” Jacobs (Neverdie Studios)

One of the most striking presentations of the day, and not only by the strong personality of the speaker, who took the stage at the Gamelab Mobile to present his candidacy for the “Presidency of the Virtual Reality”. It even has its own electoral web: www.voteneverdie.com . Jacobs promises 1,000 million jobs “in the Virtual Reality”, citing its own success as an example of the possibilities offered by the economy of the MMO. In 2010 he shot to fame after selling for $ 635,000 an asteroid in the game Entropia Universe .
Jon “Neverdie” Jacobs told us about how speculate MMO games with objects and even skills to profit in real money.

Jacobs not intended to peguemos the same virtual pitch, but to pay attention to the real economy that lurks within internal trade in the MMO. He showed figures how it has changed the price of oil and gold within Entropia Universe, between 2012 and 2016. Jacobs words, it is “investing in virtual goods for the long term benefits in real money.” pure and simple speculation with a mouse.

Diari Catala – Coverage of Vote NEVERDIE President of Virtual Reality presentation at Gameslab

Diari Catala   coverage of presentation at Gameslab

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Jon ‘NeverDie’ Jacobs arrives at the Mobile World Congress by announcing the creation of a billion jobs if elected president of Virtual Reality

Jon Jacobs, better known by the name of NeverDie wants to be the first president of Virtual Reality. The bet Gold program is the conviction that can create billions of new jobs if he became president-elect of the Virtual Reality, jobs better, for example, the situation of some poor regions like Africa .
It may seem a joke, but talk of a person unknown to the public is the Guinness Book of Records for being the first billionaire to accumulate his fortune playing games. In 2002 NeverDie (the name under which Jacobs was known) was born in Entropia Universe, an online role-playing game similar to Second Life.
Over time, suddenly Jacobs realize why your avatar was a millionaire and decided to sell part of its property for 635 000 dollars ¹. To understand this, it should be noted that Entropia Universe economy works through a simulated exchange their currencies for real money and at the same time, items such as raw materials are fairly traded.

Jon Neverdie Jacobs Jon ‘NeverDie’ Jacobs at Gamelab Mobile 2016 | Source: Journal Catalan

Jacobs was the owner of an asteroid digital, turned into night, much visited by users. He decided to buy it mortgaging his house and, after observing annual benefits of € 200,000, sold. From here, his studio was born, staged a docudrama and the media as TIME or Fobres interviewed.
NeverDie is convinced that its history can be played around the world. Just a figure representative of the whole community of gamers; President of Virtual Reality. According to Jacobs, most games work with monetary values ​​virtual priced real and just normal circuits sale regulate them. Thereafter, anyone can make money playing at home and in the long run, you can create a billion jobs.




W Radio Columbia interview with President of Virtual Reality candidate Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs

Tune in to Political Station W Radio in Columbia


Inside the Vote NEVERDIE for President of Virtual Reality Campaign

To get a behind the scenes Peak into the Creative of the Vote NEVERDIE Campaign, check out the Talenthouse call to Creative Invite Video

Vote NEVERDIE President of Virtual Reality – Talenthouse.com from Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs on Vimeo.

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Becoming a virtual real estate mogul or a “cyber celebrity” isn’t an occupation that many people dream of but for British native Jon “NEVERDIE” Jacobs, it has become a reality. Jacobs created an avatar character named “NEVERDIE” that has become one of the most notable, if not the most notable name in the virtual world of the “Entropia Universe.” In 2008, Jacobs entered the Guinness Book of World Records for owning the most valuable virtual item, and later went on to sell the virtual asteroid space resort for over half a million dollars, yes, that was in real U.S. currency. Jacobs also founded NEVERDIE Studios and got to work with Michael Jackson and the people from the film King Kong to create other virtual worlds for people to enjoy. As if his past achievements weren’t enough, Jacobs is now in the running to become the very first president of the virtual world. We asked the virtual entrepreneur about his presidential campaign, NEVERDIE Studios and Virtual Reality.



Talenthouse Creative invite – Design inspiring Art for the President of Virtual Reality Campaign

In order to find the visuals to capture the spirit of the Vote NEVERDIE President of Virtual Reality campaign I turned to Talenthouse.com who nurture a global community of artists by partnering with major brands, labels and artists to do creative invites based on new product, movie or record releases. This was the most immediate way to tap into a vibrant creative community and get a fresh vision on the campaign.

The response from the Community was extremely exciting with over 300 Submissions from around the world.. The selection process as a result was really challenging.

Art by Denis Hauptman - Selected Artwork from Talenthouse Creative invite
Art by Denis Hauptman – Selected Artwork from Talenthouse Creative invite
Art by Pat Abellon - Selected Artwork from Talenthouse Creative
Art by Pat Abellon – Selected Artwork from Talenthouse Creative





The Selected Artists were Denis Hauptman and Pat Abellon who both captured in completely different fashions the essence of the campaign with multiple submissions that amount to a series.

In addition to the two selected artists, there were 5 other finalists and the Popular Choice!

To see the Full collection click here to Visit Talenthouse Vote NEVERDIE Submissions

Computerworld media coverage of MWC 2016 VR highlights Mark Zuckerberg and Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs

El Mobile World Congress 2016 crece un 6% y supera los 100.000 visitantes

Además el evento orientado a startups, 4YFN, ha crecido también, reuniendo a 12.500 asistentes y alcanzando las 5.200 reuniones entre emprendedores e inversores.
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President of Virtual Reality Campaign tour stop 3 – Gameslab @ MWC2016

A cyber-celebrity and global VR visionary, NEVERDIE Jacobs’ participation on the panel will accompany a headlining appearance at the MWC’s companion Gamelab Mobile confab where he will lead the industry-leading group’s discussion on ‘games skills as currency’ in the emerging VR world.  The panel joins a slate of appearances with top technology executives which is the most recent stop on a global press tour to promote his campaign to become the first-ever ‘President of Virtual Reality.”  (#voteNEVERDIE)



Mobile World Congress will also serve as the debut of “I AM MY AVATAR,” NEVERDIE’s first campaign video.   Dedicated to longtime friend ‘Motorhead’ frontman Lemmy Kilmister and released just days after the music legend’s highly-touted Grammy© Awards tribute, the rock-and-roll, message-filled music video features Paul Inder Kilmister, son of the famed rocker, who is a NEVERDIE supporter.

See the Debut Video:  https://vimeo.com/jonneverdiejacobs/voteneverdie

“The President of Virtual Reality will be more influential than the newly elected President of the United States,” states Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs, while pledging to create over one billion jobs in the position’s first four year term.   “In the next eight years, VR has the staggering potential to create massive global job opportunities, to counter job losses resulting from breakneck advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotics.”


Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs’ President of Virtual Reality campaign platform was born by the need to maximize the rapidly changing behavior of consumers as they evolve from passive consumers of entertainment and media into a much more active role — creating, curating and interacting with content.  Everything ranging from television, music, politics to sports all blur boundaries between physical and digital (virtual) experiences, NEVERDIE’s experience in the virtual world will enable him and a cabinet of advisers to help millions maximize the potential of this transition.


VR Focus focuses on #VoteNEVERDIE Job Creation in Virtual Reality

Entropia Universe Creator: VR Will ‘Create Massive Global Job Opportunities’




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President of Virtual Reality Campaign Tour Stop 2 – Mobile World Conference Barcelona

Virtual Reality Visionary Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs Selected To Join Mobile World Congress ‘Entertainment Showcase’

LOS ANGELES and BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Visionary entrepreneur Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs has been selected to represent the rapidly expanding Virtual Reality (VR) industry as the voice of ‘all things’ VR, as a speaker on the highly anticipated ‘Entertainment Showcase’ conference panel of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the leading industry conference for mobile technology and related industries.  The conference panel takes place on the GSMA Mobile World Showcase stage, on Tuesday, February 23, from 1 PM2 PM (CET)/12 PM1 PM (GMT), in Barcelona, Spain.  A cyber-celebrity and global VR visionary, NEVERDIE Jacobs’ participation on the panel will accompany a headlining appearance at the MWC’s companion Gamelab Mobile confab where he will lead the industry-leading group’s discussion on ‘games skills as currency’ in the emerging VR world.  The panel joins a slate of appearances with top technology executives which is the most recent stop on a global press tour to promote his campaign to become the first-ever ‘President of Virtual Reality.”




Presidential Candidate Virtual Reality

Jon was born in England in 1966. As an actor, musician and filmmaker he has made two albums and over 30 indie movies including The Girl with The Hungry Eyes, Hey DJ the Movie and Lucinda’s Spell. In 2002 inside Entropia Universe he created the iconic Avatar known as NEVERDIE, who has become a World Famous Virtual Reality celebrity and globally recognized as a pioneer of pop culture in Virtual Worlds. In 2008 Jon’s Club NEVERDIE entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Valuable Virtual asset. Jon founded NEVERDIE Studios in 2008 and specializes in producing Iconic Virtual Reality entertainment; including Pop and Rock Icon destinations for Michael Jackson and Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead and Hollywood Movie inspired experiences that include KING KONG, ZOMBIE KONG and The THING in partnership with NBC Universal, Licensing and Partnerships. NEVERDIE Studios developed and operates and the ROCKtropia Virtual World and POPtropia, a Pop Culture Virtual Reality Hub. In 2015 Jon launched his campaign to become the First President of Virtual Reality so he can champion a future to create a Billion Jobs in Virtual Reality.


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