“Digital Donald Trump” elected first President of Virtual Reality

Visionary entrepreneur Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs, sometimes labelled the ‘Digital Donald Trump’ for his breath of experience in the world of VR, has been elected the first-ever President of Virtual Reality in an officially sanctioned election hosted by Swedish VR developer Mindark PE AB and supported by a coalition of game developers.  NEVERDIE was elected when the polls closed at midnight on March 27 th, receiving over 70 percent of the vote, as it was tallied on www.presidentofvirtualreality.com.  The online election was timed to end in conjunction with the debut of the March 28 th bow of the highly anticipated Oculus VR platform.  He will now lead the rapidly expanding VR industry as the voice of ‘all things VR.’

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President of VR Journal – Declaration of War against AI!


The war against AI is already underway, for now it’s a passive aggressive enemy and the first victims are people losing their jobs. Humanity must keep pace with AI from the outset. To defend against AI now, it’s essential to replace the jobs that are being lost. We need to be sure that everyone whose productive labor is replaced by AI feels liberated not robbed.


We can win the first major battle in this war by acting fast and investing in virtual infrastructure to create new jobs and new ways to live as our world rapidly changes from the impact of AI and advanced robotics.


There are billions of gamers around the world who are effectively a trained and skilled army. My objective as President of Virtual Reality is to see them employed productively tackling AI on the front lines, building the infrastructure to create employment for themselves and non-gamers.


Virtual Reality will unleash the full power of the imagination of humanity in new and almost un-fathomable ways. We can then harness that power to forge new worlds, that will bring priceless, desperately needed opportunities to the global community.


Virtual reality is the greatest discovery since America and there is no limit to how great we can make it.  Most importantly the borders to Virtual Worlds are open for all entrepreneurs, pioneers, refugees and even real world governments looking to address the disruption caused by rapidly Advancing Technology.


Through wide adoption of avatar skills as currency and a unified commitment to a secure global virtual goods marketplace, we can instantly disrupt the multibillion dollar video game industry to the point where people will choose the games to play based upon how much they can earn for their time and skills playing.


This Model will lead to a massive increase in the GNP of Virtual Reality Worlds and fuel a trillion dollar VR industry, ultimately benefiting, developers, users and investors alike.




I’m very proud to have been selected to attend the Singularity University Executive Program in September, where I have been invited to join a community of innovators from around the world working together to understand and utilize the exponential advances in technology, science and medicine to address global challenges. I hope to engage with some of the great innovators of our time and get them thinking of exciting ways to help make Virtual Reality the new land of opportunity for our global community.


The Singularity University was co-founded by celebrated futurist Ray Kurzweil who is now the head of Engineering at Google and Peter Diamandis who is also the founder of XPrize Foundation.

It’s official Virtual Reality is now a Democracy!

President of Virtual Reality Election Update

The election hosted by MindArk to choose the first president of Virtual Reality concluded on Monday March 28th, 2016.
After executing an impressive global campaign and promoting a very ambitious agenda Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs was elected by VR citizens from around the world as The First President of Virtual Reality. The President will remain in office for 4 years. The next election will take place in the first quarter of 2020.
MindArk will work together with the newly elected president and support initiatives to expand the frontiers of VR culture, the global adoption of interoperable avatars and the Real Cash economy business model.
President Seal

iMoney Hong Kong coverage of Vote NEVERDIE Campaign


美國總統大選正進行得如火如荼,候選人之一的Donald Trump更是惹火人物,同時在虛擬實境(Virtual Reality)世界也正舉行另一場總統選舉,發起人兼候選人之一的Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs的言論不亞於Trump,承諾在首4年任期內將創造逾10億個工作機會,誓要由虛擬世界推動實體經濟。


[Spain candlesticks: VR MILLIONAIRE OF RHAPSODY]
United states presidential election is in full swing, with one of the candidates of Donald book trump even tempt figures, while in the virtual reality (Virtual reality) world is also held another presidential election candidates, and one of the initiators of Jon Neverdie Jacobs expression of commitment is no less than book trump, in The First 4 year term will create more than 10 million jobs, an oath by the virtual world to promote economic entities.
” I want to be a rock ‘ n ‘ Roll President and bring some james bond feeling, it sounds like it’s hot, right!” A Black outfit type dress, uncer leopard thick-Rimmed Glasses Jon Neverdie Jacobs, and journalists about his vr presidential dream, can’t help it, this is reporter complacency in MWC I ever heard in the most interesting, but also the most incredible story.
He was formerly Jon Jacobs, was a British actor, director and executive producer of the people, their middle name “Neverdie” is its vr games entropia universe created Avatar (Avatar) I mean, in the name of immortal, this is different from the network in the game of life, the second Because Jacobs literally in the VR world made the reality of the money in the world, becoming the first VR a millionaire.
At the end of 2005, Jacobs from reality of the floor of the world by cash of $ 10 million (about Hk$ 78 million) in entropia universe the establishment of a resort project club neverdie, operating shopping centre, the property of the sale of such activities, may the following year His First Virtual World Nightclub, the opening of the time the whole resort project for valuation net worth $ 150 million (about Hk$ 1,170 million), He reputation soared. is that a few months after the club to $ 63.5 million (about Hk$ 495 million) sold, to become the world’s history network of the most significant transactions.He said frankly, in the late nineties had tell the others about this idea network of the world, everyone thinks he’s crazy, but to prove all the time, and he brought enormous wealth. The return on investment of the virtual world how lucrative? The Virtual World and how it will lead to the economic development of the entities? The reporter in Spain Derbi World Communications Assembly
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RTVE Zoom Net! Spanish TV Coverage of Vote NEVERDIE!

Well, here it is. This week we have been left with very eclectic. Jon “Neverdie” Jacobs is running as 1RD President of the virtual reality. The Brand ‪#‎Sonos‬ wants to spearhead the audio multiroom system. And we are also speaking of art. We were in ‪#‎roomartfair‬ and discovered concepts such as technohuman (# Cristinagarciagarcia) and Urban Vertical (# Evaraboso)



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We can re-create Jobs in VR as fast as we lose them in this reality…. Just Vote!

What would a fully automated future without jobs look like?

The Guardian recently released an animated short set in a time when machines dominate the workforce. The story follows the last human worker going on with their average day. Most other humans seen are lining the streets in poverty, as empty high-rise apartment buildings line the skies. The short is beautifully depicted, but has frightening implications.

According to Moshe Vardi, professor of computer science at Rice University: “Machines could take 50% of jobs in the next 30 years.” And Andy Haldane, Bank of England chief economist, notes, “Machines are already undertaking tasks which were unthinkable—if not unimaginable—a decade ago.”


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President of Virtual Reality – Campaign Tour Stop #3 – e-sports The Massive Multiplayer Online World Championships (MMOWC)

The Vote NEVERDIE President of Virtual Reality campaign tour began with a quick pit stop at VRLA on the way to The 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Park City had a significant VR presence with the Sundance New Frontiers Section which focused on the exciting new medium of 360 storytelling.  I was a special guest of the Slamdance Hot Tub Summit and shared my story with first time filmmakers of how after years of low budget indie filmmaking I had my first opportunity to work with a Major Movie studio, when I partnered with Universal Studios to bring King Kong to Virtual Reality.

From the Mountains of Park City, I travelled to Spain and to the stunning City of Barcelona, which was playing host to the Mobile World Congress, probably the biggest Mobile event in the world, with over 100,000 business visitors. In Barcelona I had the opportunity to make presentations on the subject of Gamer Skills as Currency and Avatar Rights and Monetization at both the Enterainment Showcase and Gamelab.

The Third and final stop of the Vote NEVERDIE President of Virtual Reality Campaign tour is taking place in Virtual Reality itself on a tropical Secret Island at Champions Park, where I have the pleasure of Hosting the MMOWC 2016 – The Massive Multiplayer Online World Championships. This event is very important to me as e-sports affords the dedicated and passionate gamer the opportunity to be viewed as a Cyber Athelete whose skills and prowess can be challenged In a competitive environment and where their accomplishments can be celebrated and rewarded.

As an early Champion of Professional Online Gaming and the concept of creating meaningful employment opportunities for the masses in Virtual Reality, I realized long ago that e-sports could act as a bridge between niche games and the general public, casting a favorable light on the hardcore gamer. In the modern  western world we have long been elevating the status of players of games into  Professional Sportspersons and have turned many of our favorite games into major corporations that employ athletes as workers, the combined revenue of the NFL, NBA and NHL is over $20 Billion per year and globally soccer alone generates over $25 Billion per year.

Hosting MMOWC

Hosting the MMOWC on Twitch goes hand in hand with my mission to ensure that all styles of gaming are monetized in the future for the players.  not just through e-sports but through avatar skills and Virtual Reality World real cash simulated economies.

Staying in touch with the dreams of gamers through the thrill of commentating e-sports ensures that job of the President of Virtual Reality remains connected to the people who are ultimately being represented