AmeVRica – The Promise of Political and Economic Change in a VR Government


AmeVRica – The Promise of Political and Economic Change in a VR Government

November 1st, 2016 News
by Michael Mascioni

It seems these days that politics has devolved to a zero-sum game and endless polemical warfare. Innovative solutions to pressing political problems typically don’t seem visible to most of the public, and many people feel shut out of the political process and left behind economically. Essentially, politics often seems locked in a closed-end system.

But compelling, out-of-the-box political alternatives are emerging from seemingly unlikely sources. One of those alternatives is a virtual reality government called AmeVRica, which offers an intriguing new perspective on “digital democracy” and alternative economic “entrepreneurship” through immersive technology and gamification.

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President of Virtual Reality discovers AmeVRica!

One of Jacobs’ more audacious ideas is a new world in progress called AmeVRica. While a domain name and Facebook page exist for AmeVRica, Jacobs told me he has not yet officially announced his new project. What sets AmeVRica apart isn’t as much its use of virtual reality as the jobs Jacobs plans to create there.

Mindark announces Teleporter Deeds a No Go in Entropia Universe!


Mindark the Developer of Entropoa Universe officially announced today that the Privatization of the Teleporter System will not go ahead in Entropia Universe.

Clarification regarding Teleporter fee

The MindArk management team has reviewed the proposal made by the President of Virtual Reality concerning teleporter fees, and has determined that such a system does not complement the current development plans for Entropia Universe and therefore will not be implemented.

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INC Magazine Story – Creating Jobs on the Virtual Frontier


The American West was once the great frontier, the land of opportunity. But as automation and artificial intelligence have replaced job growth in the modern world, some may question whether opportunities to profit from opening new frontiers are now limited to collective memory.

Cyber-celebrity and virtual entrepreneur Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs doesn’t think so. He’s the newly appointed “President of Virtual Reality” and claims that virtual reality is the next frontier of job growth and opportunity. And as people’s lives are increasingly carried out online, the virtual world will provide even greater economic opportunities than the real world.

Creating Jobs on the Virtual Frontier


Entropia Universe is a self-governing game, and recently, John NEVERDIE Jacobs was elected to the post of “President of Virtual Reality” in the game. His first announcement in office has certainly raised some eyebrows. He made the provocative claim that his intention was to bridge the gap between the real world and the digital, and upend the entire gaming pricing paradigm, which, in the realm of online games is essentially subscription-based. In other words, you pay a modest fee each month, and you get access to the content.

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Teleportation Privatization stirs controversy


The anarchy of the internet’s various societies has been understood and accepted since places like Second Life and MMOs were invented. Some places excel at it, exploring humanity with grace and intelligence. Some fall apart at the seams and deteriorate into yet another Rapture of decaying ideals and the worst of humanity. Despite this understanding, there are still those who wish to govern and control the internet’s virtual spaces, be it through law and punishment or capitalist means. One such fellow is Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs. He proposes control through capitalist means in a way that I believe would be extremely detrimental our virtual societies.

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Virtual Reality Jobs Headline News in Russia!


Предприниматель хочет создать три миллиона рабочих мест в виртуальной реальности
19.05.2016 [13:53],Евгений Лазовский

Английский актёр и предприниматель Джон Джейкобс (Jon Jacobs), однажды купивший за $100 тысяч астероид в онлайн-игре Entropia Universe, утверждает, что растущий рынок виртуальной реальности может создать три миллиона рабочих мест. При этом Джейкобс называет себя «президентом виртуальной реальности» — такое звание ему присвоил разработчик вышеупомянутой игры MindArk. «Президентом» он пробудет до 2020 года.

LA Realitie Virtuelle


Jon “Neverdie” Jacobs, un acteur et entrepreneur qui a, une fois acheté un astéroïde virtuel pour 100.000 $ dans le jeu en ligne Entropia Universe, affirme que le marché émergent de la réalité virtuelle peut créer 3 millions d’emplois. Jacobs prétend qu’il est le “président de la réalité virtuelle», un poste qu’il a gagné lors d’une élection organisée par Entropia Universe developer MindArk. Il servira jusqu’en 2020.

Le plan Jacobs pour l’emploi dans la VR (Réalité virtuelle en anglais) tourne autour de l’idée que la téléportation VR deviendra le moyen clé pour les gens de voyager dans les mondes virtuels. Si elle est monétisée, la téléportation pourrait devenir une énorme industrie (comme Jacobs le décrit dans une longue image infographique sur son site). Des offres d’emploi en VR impliqueront la création et le maintien de systèmes de téléporteur. Les gens auront également besoin de les défendre contre des “A.I. voyous” (Intelligence Artificielle – anglais)

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Venture Beat article on President of Virtual Reality


If you’ve ever read Ready Player One, this might sound familiar.

Jon “Neverdie” Jacobs, an actor and entrepreneur who once bought a virtual asteroid for $100,000 in the online game Entropia Universe, claims that the emerging virtual reality market can create 3 million jobs. Jacobs claims he’s the “President of Virtual Reality,” a position he won in an election hosted by Entropia Universe developer MindArk. He will serve until 2020.

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