Get to know the Man and Avatar behind the movement, his life, his Journey, and what his plans are for Virtual Reality.



Jon Jacobs was born in 1966 and grew up in London. Between 1986 and 2006 he made over 30 indie movies including The Girl with The Hungry Eyes, Lucinda’s Spell and Hey DJ the Movie. In 2002 Jon’s passion for Video games led him to create the avatar NEVERDIE in Entropia Universe, with the belief that it was possible to earn a Living inside Virtual Worlds.

In 2008 Jon’s Virtual Asteroid Club NEVERDIE entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Valuable Virtual item.

Jon later founded NEVERDIE Studios to bring Pop culture to Virtual Reality allowing him to work with some of Entertainments’ greatest icons including Michael Jackson and KING KONG. In 2015 Jon decided to campaign to become the First President of Virtual Reality so he can champion a future where everyone will have the chance to make a living and fulfill their dreams in Virtual Reality.

One Billion Jobs in Virtual Reality!

My objective in campaigning for president of is to create One Billion real jobs in Virtual Reality. This will help combat an upcoming global wave of job losses resulting from rapid advances in artificial intelligence and robotics. Job loss will hit the world faster than we can imagine, almost at the same rapid pace that technology and health care is advancing and it will become as pressing an issue in the world as global warming. But we can replace all the disappearing jobs in virtual reality if we act now and inspire all the major developers to start working together immediately to create the correct economic foundation for virtual reality.

40 years of Video games have inadvertently trained a gigantic skilled work force, with the foundation for virtual reality structured correctly, gaming skills can be employed to generate a multi-trillion dollar green economy.