President of VR Journal – Declaration of War against AI!


The war against AI is already underway, for now it’s a passive aggressive enemy and the first victims are people losing their jobs. Humanity must keep pace with AI from the outset. To defend against AI now, it’s essential to replace the jobs that are being lost. We need to be sure that everyone whose productive labor is replaced by AI feels liberated not robbed.


We can win the first major battle in this war by acting fast and investing in virtual infrastructure to create new jobs and new ways to live as our world rapidly changes from the impact of AI and advanced robotics.


There are billions of gamers around the world who are effectively a trained and skilled army. My objective as President of Virtual Reality is to see them employed productively tackling AI on the front lines, building the infrastructure to create employment for themselves and non-gamers.


Virtual Reality will unleash the full power of the imagination of humanity in new and almost un-fathomable ways. We can then harness that power to forge new worlds, that will bring priceless, desperately needed opportunities to the global community.


Virtual reality is the greatest discovery since America and there is no limit to how great we can make it.  Most importantly the borders to Virtual Worlds are open for all entrepreneurs, pioneers, refugees and even real world governments looking to address the disruption caused by rapidly Advancing Technology.


Through wide adoption of avatar skills as currency and a unified commitment to a secure global virtual goods marketplace, we can instantly disrupt the multibillion dollar video game industry to the point where people will choose the games to play based upon how much they can earn for their time and skills playing.


This Model will lead to a massive increase in the GNP of Virtual Reality Worlds and fuel a trillion dollar VR industry, ultimately benefiting, developers, users and investors alike.




I’m very proud to have been selected to attend the Singularity University Executive Program in September, where I have been invited to join a community of innovators from around the world working together to understand and utilize the exponential advances in technology, science and medicine to address global challenges. I hope to engage with some of the great innovators of our time and get them thinking of exciting ways to help make Virtual Reality the new land of opportunity for our global community.


The Singularity University was co-founded by celebrated futurist Ray Kurzweil who is now the head of Engineering at Google and Peter Diamandis who is also the founder of XPrize Foundation.