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美國總統大選正進行得如火如荼,候選人之一的Donald Trump更是惹火人物,同時在虛擬實境(Virtual Reality)世界也正舉行另一場總統選舉,發起人兼候選人之一的Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs的言論不亞於Trump,承諾在首4年任期內將創造逾10億個工作機會,誓要由虛擬世界推動實體經濟。


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United states presidential election is in full swing, with one of the candidates of Donald book trump even tempt figures, while in the virtual reality (Virtual reality) world is also held another presidential election candidates, and one of the initiators of Jon Neverdie Jacobs expression of commitment is no less than book trump, in The First 4 year term will create more than 10 million jobs, an oath by the virtual world to promote economic entities.
” I want to be a rock ‘ n ‘ Roll President and bring some james bond feeling, it sounds like it’s hot, right!” A Black outfit type dress, uncer leopard thick-Rimmed Glasses Jon Neverdie Jacobs, and journalists about his vr presidential dream, can’t help it, this is reporter complacency in MWC I ever heard in the most interesting, but also the most incredible story.
He was formerly Jon Jacobs, was a British actor, director and executive producer of the people, their middle name “Neverdie” is its vr games entropia universe created Avatar (Avatar) I mean, in the name of immortal, this is different from the network in the game of life, the second Because Jacobs literally in the VR world made the reality of the money in the world, becoming the first VR a millionaire.
At the end of 2005, Jacobs from reality of the floor of the world by cash of $ 10 million (about Hk$ 78 million) in entropia universe the establishment of a resort project club neverdie, operating shopping centre, the property of the sale of such activities, may the following year His First Virtual World Nightclub, the opening of the time the whole resort project for valuation net worth $ 150 million (about Hk$ 1,170 million), He reputation soared. is that a few months after the club to $ 63.5 million (about Hk$ 495 million) sold, to become the world’s history network of the most significant transactions.He said frankly, in the late nineties had tell the others about this idea network of the world, everyone thinks he’s crazy, but to prove all the time, and he brought enormous wealth. The return on investment of the virtual world how lucrative? The Virtual World and how it will lead to the economic development of the entities? The reporter in Spain Derbi World Communications Assembly
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