President of Virtual Reality – Campaign Tour Stop #3 – e-sports The Massive Multiplayer Online World Championships (MMOWC)

The Vote NEVERDIE President of Virtual Reality campaign tour began with a quick pit stop at VRLA on the way to The 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Park City had a significant VR presence with the Sundance New Frontiers Section which focused on the exciting new medium of 360 storytelling.  I was a special guest of the Slamdance Hot Tub Summit and shared my story with first time filmmakers of how after years of low budget indie filmmaking I had my first opportunity to work with a Major Movie studio, when I partnered with Universal Studios to bring King Kong to Virtual Reality.

From the Mountains of Park City, I travelled to Spain and to the stunning City of Barcelona, which was playing host to the Mobile World Congress, probably the biggest Mobile event in the world, with over 100,000 business visitors. In Barcelona I had the opportunity to make presentations on the subject of Gamer Skills as Currency and Avatar Rights and Monetization at both the Enterainment Showcase and Gamelab.

The Third and final stop of the Vote NEVERDIE President of Virtual Reality Campaign tour is taking place in Virtual Reality itself on a tropical Secret Island at Champions Park, where I have the pleasure of Hosting the MMOWC 2016 – The Massive Multiplayer Online World Championships. This event is very important to me as e-sports affords the dedicated and passionate gamer the opportunity to be viewed as a Cyber Athelete whose skills and prowess can be challenged In a competitive environment and where their accomplishments can be celebrated and rewarded.

As an early Champion of Professional Online Gaming and the concept of creating meaningful employment opportunities for the masses in Virtual Reality, I realized long ago that e-sports could act as a bridge between niche games and the general public, casting a favorable light on the hardcore gamer. In the modern  western world we have long been elevating the status of players of games into  Professional Sportspersons and have turned many of our favorite games into major corporations that employ athletes as workers, the combined revenue of the NFL, NBA and NHL is over $20 Billion per year and globally soccer alone generates over $25 Billion per year.

Hosting MMOWC

Hosting the MMOWC on Twitch goes hand in hand with my mission to ensure that all styles of gaming are monetized in the future for the players.  not just through e-sports but through avatar skills and Virtual Reality World real cash simulated economies.

Staying in touch with the dreams of gamers through the thrill of commentating e-sports ensures that job of the President of Virtual Reality remains connected to the people who are ultimately being represented