Diari Catala – Coverage of Vote NEVERDIE President of Virtual Reality presentation at Gameslab

Diari Catala   coverage of presentation at Gameslab

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Jon ‘NeverDie’ Jacobs arrives at the Mobile World Congress by announcing the creation of a billion jobs if elected president of Virtual Reality

Jon Jacobs, better known by the name of NeverDie wants to be the first president of Virtual Reality. The bet Gold program is the conviction that can create billions of new jobs if he became president-elect of the Virtual Reality, jobs better, for example, the situation of some poor regions like Africa .
It may seem a joke, but talk of a person unknown to the public is the Guinness Book of Records for being the first billionaire to accumulate his fortune playing games. In 2002 NeverDie (the name under which Jacobs was known) was born in Entropia Universe, an online role-playing game similar to Second Life.
Over time, suddenly Jacobs realize why your avatar was a millionaire and decided to sell part of its property for 635 000 dollars ¹. To understand this, it should be noted that Entropia Universe economy works through a simulated exchange their currencies for real money and at the same time, items such as raw materials are fairly traded.

Jon Neverdie Jacobs Jon ‘NeverDie’ Jacobs at Gamelab Mobile 2016 | Source: Journal Catalan

Jacobs was the owner of an asteroid digital, turned into night, much visited by users. He decided to buy it mortgaging his house and, after observing annual benefits of € 200,000, sold. From here, his studio was born, staged a docudrama and the media as TIME or Fobres interviewed.
NeverDie is convinced that its history can be played around the world. Just a figure representative of the whole community of gamers; President of Virtual Reality. According to Jacobs, most games work with monetary values ​​virtual priced real and just normal circuits sale regulate them. Thereafter, anyone can make money playing at home and in the long run, you can create a billion jobs.