President of Virtual Reality Campaign tour stop 3 – Gameslab @ MWC2016

A cyber-celebrity and global VR visionary, NEVERDIE Jacobs’ participation on the panel will accompany a headlining appearance at the MWC’s companion Gamelab Mobile confab where he will lead the industry-leading group’s discussion on ‘games skills as currency’ in the emerging VR world.  The panel joins a slate of appearances with top technology executives which is the most recent stop on a global press tour to promote his campaign to become the first-ever ‘President of Virtual Reality.”  (#voteNEVERDIE)


Mobile World Congress will also serve as the debut of “I AM MY AVATAR,” NEVERDIE’s first campaign video.   Dedicated to longtime friend ‘Motorhead’ frontman Lemmy Kilmister and released just days after the music legend’s highly-touted Grammy© Awards tribute, the rock-and-roll, message-filled music video features Paul Inder Kilmister, son of the famed rocker, who is a NEVERDIE supporter.

See the Debut Video:

“The President of Virtual Reality will be more influential than the newly elected President of the United States,” states Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs, while pledging to create over one billion jobs in the position’s first four year term.   “In the next eight years, VR has the staggering potential to create massive global job opportunities, to counter job losses resulting from breakneck advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotics.”


Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs’ President of Virtual Reality campaign platform was born by the need to maximize the rapidly changing behavior of consumers as they evolve from passive consumers of entertainment and media into a much more active role — creating, curating and interacting with content.  Everything ranging from television, music, politics to sports all blur boundaries between physical and digital (virtual) experiences, NEVERDIE’s experience in the virtual world will enable him and a cabinet of advisers to help millions maximize the potential of this transition.